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November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Food & Movie Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! How was everyone’s holiday? I hope it was awesome. I had lots of veggies! Shocking, right? So far, so good on the no dairy. I made the one exception I knew I was going to make for my… Continue Reading →

What About the Fish?

This is a funny thing I seem to be asked a lot when people find out I’m a vegetarian. Almost every time they ask, Do you eat fish? The answer is No, I don’t. This all came up again last… Continue Reading →

A Lump of French Fries

Ugh, poor decisions. I’m adding French Fries, no Fried Food, to my list of things I’m not eating this month. I mean, you would think that would be an obvious, don’t need to say it, item on a list when… Continue Reading →

A New Holiday Challenge!

Before you get too excited, this one doesn’t involve movies. And probably not lots of updating. It’s more of a stay healthy challenge and I’m figuring sharing it here might help me actually stick with it. Generally, I’m pretty healthy…. Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror: Halloween Wrap Up

Wow, I managed to get behind on even just wrapping up the whole stupid month. Eesh. Why is life so crazy?!?! But hey, because it’s not crazy enough I’m totally trying to do NaNoWrimo again. Which I kind of try… Continue Reading →

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