Because you guys are so excellent at suggesting movies (and stories! I’ll take stories!), I need help. I’m doing a bit of writing research for a class I’m taking and I need some ghost movies to watch. Haunted House movies are best but also anything involving curses, voodoo, tarot cards or fortune telling, New Orleans. Or horror/comedy that sort of comes close to that, any films that are a deconstruction of the genre (does that sound pretentious? I feel like that sounds pretentious).

Here’s my list so far:

The Frighteners
The Innkeepers
Woman in Black
Drag Me to Hell
Cabin in the Woods
Skeleton Key
Haunting of Hill House
Dead Alive
The Exorcist
The Innocents

What have you guys got for me?


For books or stories, I’m pretty good on the Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe and Clive Barker. Though if there’s any Lovecraft suggestions, I’ll take those!

Oh and also, I’m mostly looking for North American or maybe British flicks. I love the crazy Asian ones but for cultural references, they’re not as much what I’m looking for with this project.