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September 2012

31 Days of Horror: 2012 Edition

I’ve now told you all I’m doing another 31 Days of Horror and that this year’s theme is the Haunted House. So what’s gonna happen now?! What’s this wild and crazy month going to be all about?! Here’s where I… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror: Help Me Pick the Movies!

Yes, I’m doing it again. Watching a bunch of scary movies, making myself twitchy, and writing about the whole damn thing for 31 days straight. This year I’ve decided to go with the theme of the Haunted House. Well, mostly… Continue Reading →

Dune. Or, Sting in Metal Underpants.

I’ve been on a roll lately. Riki-Oh, John Carter… and then last night we watched Dune. Yes, the David Lynch one. And I mean, it’s maybe not a good movie. I love the book and I’m maybe not super excited… Continue Reading →

Music for Thursday: The Clash – Straight to Hell

I love The Clash. London Calling is still one of my favorite albums ever. Whenever I hear one of their songs, I get happy. Here’s one for your Thursday. Not from London Calling but whatever. This is what I’m listening… Continue Reading →

August Movie Update

Happy Labor Day! Or post Labor Day. Or the day we all go back to work rested/hungover/sunburned… Actually I’m just full of allergies. My Labor Day was pretty tame this year. But tame in a good way. Rested, got stuff… Continue Reading →

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