This is it. My October of horror movie watching is about to begin. What is it exactly that I’m getting myself into? Why am I doing this?

I have no idea!

As for the What, the October I have planned is going to go something like this: every day I will watch at least one scary movie. And every day I will post something about it. Now for full disclosure here, I’ve actually been watching scary movies for the last two weeks. I’m currently up to movie number 14. I’ve also written about a few of them. So I’m not doing an exact “Watch a movie, Write about the movie” thing. How come I’m not doing that? My list of movies has already topped 90. I want to watch as many of them as I possibly can. I don’t think I’ll make it to 90 but I definitely need to watch more than a movie a day if I’m going to get anywhere close.

Should we take bets on how many movies I watch? Maybe?

If all goes as planned, every day in October I will post something about a different horror movie. 31 days, 31 movies. That’s not all though. I will post trailers. I will post pictures. I’ll post some longer pieces, reviews, essays, whatever you want to call them. Or I might just post something along the lines of “squee!” I’ll try and post a little bit of history and background when I can. Sometimes I might get all pretentious and analytical. Other times I might just, you know, “Squee!”

AND. I will have surprises! This isn’t just gonna be me babbling about horror movies. There’s gonna be some other stuff going on. “SQUEE!”

That means you might get more than 31 posts. By the end of October you might be really ready for me to shut up. Or you may be as obsessed with horror movies as I am. It could happen!

That’s the What.

But WHY? Why am I doing this? Why am I committing myself to sleep deprivation and twitchiness? That’s a really good question.

Seriously. I have no idea.

The idea occurred to me as something that might be fun to do. Then I asked people to recommend movies. Then I started typing up a list. Then the list got really, really long.

Now I am committed to this project. Soon I may just need to be committed.

This is what it is. Join me for a month of madness. Hopefully I will see you out on the other side!