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Spanish Horror

31 Days of Horror 2012: Day 18: The Orphanage

I’m not doing so well with the keeping up on the posting. Oh well. Last night was an unexpectedly late night. It was a SPOOKY late night though. So that counts for something. I think? I went to downtown LA’s… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror 2012: Day 17: The Devil’s Backbone

I took a break from the serious with yesterday’s movie, the completely absurd 1986’s House. Today I’m back with the haunted children. And it’s another foreign film. But that’s cool. It’s Guillermo del Toro so I know we’re in good… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror 2012: Day 12: Apartment 143

Traveling today but still managing a my ghost movie post. Technology makes this possible. Technology is rad. Apartment 143 – Spain, 2011. Dir. Carles Torrens, Screenplay Rodrigo Cortes. Starring Kai Lennox, Gia Mantegna, Michael O’Keefe. Sometimes, a movie is incredibly,… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror 2012: Day 7: The Baby’s Room

Scary movie night! There were movies and pizza and wine and good company. I like these kind of nights. They’re sort of my favorite part of this crazy month of horror. It’s fun to share the scary. Tonight’s post about… Continue Reading →

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