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October 30, 2011

31 Days of Horror: Day 30: Dead Alive

It’s day 30! Only one more day of scary movies to go! I can’t believe this is almost over! It may be a little obvious after the brevity of my last two posts, but I’ve really started to burn out… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror: Guest Post! Barbara Cohn Explores What Scares Us As Children

A Super Special Guest Post by possibly the Super Specialist Guest of all! My mom! Now if anyone knows me and knows what a giant nerd I am about these movies, it would be my parents. They’ve been subjected to… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror: Day 29: The Evil Dead

So will you be mad at me if I just post a couple of clips that I love about the The Evil Dead? We’re having a party here at Bonaparte house and I’ve finally actually found myself without time to… Continue Reading →

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