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31 Days of Horror 2014: Day 9: Horns (2014)

Big fan of Joe Hill and his novel Horns. Also a fan of Alex Aja. This movie though… Hmmm… Horns, 2014. Dir. Alexandre Aja, Written by Keith Bunin. Novel by Joe Hill. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Joe Anderson, Max… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror 2014: Day 8: Tenebre (1982)

It just wouldn’t be 31 days of horror if there wasn’t some Argento in there. Sticking to this year’s rule of only watching movies I haven’t seen before, Tenebre was the Argento of choice. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime which… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror 2014: Day 7: Cursed (2005)

It being the full moon and all, I figured it would be a good idea to watch a werewolf movie. Unfortunately Netflix doesn’t seem to have many of those streaming. At least ones I haven’t already seen. So Cursed it… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror 2014: Day 6: The Pact

Was looking around the internet for some good Netflix horror suggestions and came across this list from The Complex. The whole list looks pretty solid, I figure I’ll try at least a few of these this month. I started with… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror 2014: Day 4: The Guest (2014)

Ooooooh man. This movie happened. Before I get into it though, quick weekend update. I obviously missed a movie yesterday do to work. Tomorrow, I’ll be on set all day for a short film shoot so that’s going to be… Continue Reading →

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