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Salton Sea: Our weird little film experiment

Sharing out latest short film. Last fall Rachael and I spent a weekend out at the Salton Sea just seeing what we could see. Found a lot of weird things. Filmed a bunch of stuff on my iPhone. Put it… Continue Reading →

Things That Are Bad: Artists Stealing from Artists

We’ve got some artist on artist crime happening here. I’m finding myself rather bothered by this whole thing with Shia LaBeouf plagiarizing Dan Clowes in his short film Basically, LaBeouf adapted a strip that Clowes wrote called Justin M…. Continue Reading →

My New Short Film: M is for Misanthrope

I went and did a crazy thing. Well, maybe not completely crazy. But at least a little crazy. Earlier this month I was perusing Twitter, like you do, and I came across this post on Badass Digest asking Where Are… Continue Reading →

My Short Film Tomorrow’s Party

I finally decided to share it online! So now you can watch it! Watch, share, like, tell me what you think! Hope you guys enjoy.

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