This was… a weird one. Indie horror on Netflix. Hit or miss.


Jug Face, 2013. Dir. & Written by Chad Crawford Kinkle. Starring Lauren Ashley Carter, Sean Bridgers.

You never know what you’re going to get with these indie offerings on Netflix (I have watched some vile movies on there) but sometimes the risk is worth it. Jug Face isn’t my favorite movie of the month, but it’s different and does do some interesting things. The acting is solid all around which helps keep things engaging. I like the concept here but I’m not entirely sure this movie knows what kind of movie it wants to be.

The story is about a teenager living in a backwoods community isolated from the outside world. Of course this isn’t any normal backwoods community, these people have a magic pit that cures them of all illnesses. In return, it only asks for a human sacrifice whenever it wants. If it gets its blood, all is well. If it’s ignored, all hell breaks loose. When Ada learns she’s pregnant, she tries to do whatever she can to keep her baby safe.

Solid enough premise. Thing is, Jug Face doesn’t just stick to the human sacrifice. It takes the time to build this family, introduce us to the community dynamic. Which normally I’d be all about, it’s great when we get real depth in storytelling. Here though, it changes what the movie is about. Is it about a weird pit that demands blood? Or is it about a pregnant teen trying to escape an abusive family life? Not that it couldn’t be about both things. It’s just that in this case it’s not about both, it’s focused on one or the other, not both. Which makes the story feel schizophrenic.

The effects are pretty low budget and cheesy, but otherwise everything is solidly put together.

It’s an interesting movie, it’s weird. It sort of works but not completely. I don’t feel like it’s a waste of time or anything. It’s something different, that’s always good. It’s just not amazing. So hit or miss? Probably mostly a miss for me. Not terrible, not the worst. Just not the best either. Somewhere Meh in the middle. You can probably give this one a pass.

Anyone else watched this one? Or any other good indie horror on the Netflix? What do you think?

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