Aaaaaah!!! So behind! So much life happening! I don’t even know!

Got a few movies to post about, have a few days I’ve missed. Back on the scary movie train tonight. Let’s do this.


Black Sunday, 1960. Dir. Mario Bava, Written by Ennio De Concini, Mario Serandrei. Starring Barbara Steele, John Richardson.

This movie is luscious. A black and white beauty. I’ve briefly covered Mario Bava in the past with Black Sabbath, only the tip of the iceberg really. And of course he’s one of the masters of Italian horror cinema, if you like Argento or Fulci or any of the others, you have to watch Bava.

Black Sunday is the story of a witch, a cursed princess, a doctor, and the Mask of Satan. Honestly, the plot is cool but it’s the imagery that really makes this movie something special. I could have turned the sound off and been just as enthralled. It’s one of those movies I could play on silent with some great music playing and it would just be brilliant.

What this movie does so well is the atmosphere, the building dread. The Mask of Satan. I just really loved all of it. Unlike some of Bava’s other work, this isn’t much with the gore or any of that. It’s a feeling. A dark, delightfully dangerous feeling.

If you want to read more on Bava and Italian Giallo in general, check out this post from my friend Gavin.

What Bava have you guys seen? What’s your favorite?

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