Well, I said it earlier, if we met my goal of 50 votes and 7 comments, I would give you a haiku. And if we got 10 votes past that, I’d give you two. Looks like you kids earned yourselves some haikus about pie!

I also said that we’d keep this goal until midnight but… I’m sleepy. So I’m going to give you these haikus now and if we get to 70 votes by the morning, you can have another tomorrow! How’s that for a deal?

Now it’s been a while since I’ve written a haiku so I’m a little rusty. What do you guys think? Have any haikus about pie of your own?

Don’t forget, voting for The ABC’s of Death is open until November 14th so please vote, comment, and spread the word.


Haiku #1

Pie for my sweet tooth,
Baking all afternoon long.
Spring cherries are best.

Haiku #2
An M is for Misanthrope Haiku.

Guests linger til dusk,
Cherry dessert passing lips.
Murder on her mind.

These are dedicated to Grace for being vote 50 and Lauren for being comment 7. Thanks guys!

If we get to 70 votes by tomorrow, I’ll give you another haiku. Have a good weekend and enjoy your pie. Just make sure it’s not murder pie. I don’t recommend that one…