I know, I haven’t seen the Dark Knight Rises yet. And if any of you spoil it for me, so help me…

Oh but hey! If you want to listen to me talk a bit about The Dark Knight and how I felt about revisiting it, check out my guest appearance on Wrong Opinions About Movies. We talk about things! Like Batman!

Hopefully I’ll get to the Dark Knight Rises this weekend. Cause seriously, if someone spoils it for me before I do… Seriously. Don’t do it.

What else is going on? A lot of writing. Like, mountains and piles of writing. And days and days and days of outlining. I’m just in the middle of stuff and that’s about all my brain has the energy for.

So I don’t know. Things.

Don’t tell me about Batman.

Go see Magic Mike.

And Ruby Sparks.

Wish me luck.

Happy Tuesday.