I did waaaaaaaaaaay better in May than April or March. But yes, I saw the Avengers twice. And went back for a second viewing of Cabin in the Woods. I guess it was a month of Whedon?


I really enjoyed The Avengers (although to be honest the only reason I saw it twice was that I didn’t actually have to pay for the first time…). It’s fun, I enjoy the characters, but you all probably know that by now.

Early in the month I watched Tribeca film Sleepless Night for a guest appearance on Wrong Opinions About Movies. Give it a listen if you haven’t already. Matthew and I both really enjoyed it I think. Although if you listen to the most recent episode of WOAM you’ll see that Matthew is no longer correct about things when he decides to not like Phantasm. Geez. How am I supposed to recommend movies to him now? I haven’t written about Phantasm in a while myself but my dear friend Katie had a rather different reaction when she watched it for me in October.

More recently I’ve apparently been watching a lot of movies in French. Man Bites Dog which is just F’d up. Also FINALLY watched Cleo From 5 to 7 in honor of Agnes Vardas’s birthday. I really like Agnes Varda and I enjoyed Cleo. French Films! Fun.

And then I finally discovered Whit Stillman and my life is just happier for it. Watched Metropolitan on Netflix and then Damsels in Distress over at Cinefamily last Friday. Damsels is technically a June movie but whatever. It made me smile a lot. It’s really fun and it ends with a new Dance Craze. There’s so much to love. They still have a couple of shows happening this week so check it out if you’re in LA!

Anyway, here are my May movies. Still behind but slowly improving. Total count for the year is now at 84.

5/3/2012 The Avengers
5/10/2012 Sleepless Night
5/10/2012 Porco Rosso
5/12/2012 The Avengers
5/14/2012 The Cabin in the Woods
5/15/2012 Case 39
5/16/2012 Red Riding Hood
5/18/2012 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal
5/22/2012 X-Men: First Class
5/22/2012 Serenity
5/23/2012 Metropolitan
5/23/2012 The Town
5/24/2012 Everything Must Go
5/25/2012 Man Bites Dog
5/25/2012 To Let
5/25/2012 Session 9
5/28/2012 Bluebeard (2009)
5/29/2012 Hackers
5/30/2012 Phantasm
5/31/2012 Cleo From 5 to 7
5/31/2012 Paul