Second time watching Bridesmaids last night. I enjoy this movie, I just don’t know how much I enjoy it. There are some parts that are pretty much brilliant. I think the opening is just about perfect, a lot of the writing is good, it’s a movie about girls. I like these things. But watching it again, I felt the same way that I felt after seeing it the first time. I feel like while there are moments that are really great, and others that are pretty good, the structure as a whole is really uneven and as a result the pacing just feels really, really weird.

It’s very stop and go. There’ll be action and comedy and hilarity. And then all of the sudden the moment comes to a crashing halt and we have three scenes of Kristen Wiig sitting on a couch, being depressed. Which is fine, sort of, but it just doesn’t all fit together. Which is a shame. Because this movie is so close, so very, very close, to being great.

I still like it though. It makes me laugh a lot. So that’s good. I just don’t think it’s ever going to really be one of my favorites.

In unrelated news, I think I might officially be insane. I’m writing this as a break from writing my other thing which is a different thing than the outline thing I’ve been writing for the last two days which is different from the other other thing I was editing two nights ago which was different from the last thing that I was rewriting Sunday morning.

Are you confused yet? Cause I sure am! How many things can one sane person work on at once? I’ll let you know in a month or so. If I’m still sane.

BEER!!! Also, I need to take out my contacts. My eyeballs itch.