It was my second time camping ever! How very exciting.

Spent the weekend in Joshua Tree which was awesome, if a little cold. The park is gorgeous, it was amazing to just wander around. Highlights included turning off my email, a campfire under the insanely star filled sky, rock climbing for the first time, and a coyote close encounter. By close encounter, I mean there were coyotes sniffing around our tent sometime around what I’m guessing was 4 AM although I have no real idea since I didn’t have my watch. I suppose they might not have been coyotes, it might have just been one of the guys getting up or something, but I think they were coyotes. I definitely heard that yippy howly bark they do. So there’s that.

Pictures on Flickr, of course.

Joshua Tree

It was awesome.

Now I’m just working on cleaning up what is hopefully a sort of final draft of my screenplay. All this finishing of my screenplay pretty much means I’m not doing NANOWRIMO this year. I’ve managed to write around 10k words but honestly I can’t really think about that while I’m trying to do this other stuff. Ah well. Can’t be an over-achiever all of the time.

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Which means it’s almost time for more pie! Yay!