Today’s movie post will happen a bit later. For now, thought I it would be fun to share a few links.

My friend has a new video up on Funny or Die! I personally think it is hilarious and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased.

Charlie Brown: Blockhead’s Revenge

I mean, it has Charlie Brown. It’s amazing.

Wrong Opinions About Movies is continuing their Halloween special podcasts. Today’s is a discussion with Katey Rich on No Country for Old Men. Check it out!

Also enjoyed this little bit from a guy who was an extra in The Walking Dead. I died when he said he really used words like “Leviathan” and “Hobbesian” when discussing zombies with the Costume Designer. I’ve been there, on both sides of that kind of conversation.

And now since I died, I guess I should go find some brains or something. Braaaaaaaaaaaaains.

That’s all I’ve got for now! How about you? Send me links to fun things!

(Who’s excited for Halloween? This girl.)