One of two posts tonight. Don’t have much of the writing things in me at the moment. Combo of things and of work and of just being tired after driving 14 hrs this weekend. So I’m just going to put up the notebook and maybe I’ll resume to more regular things tomorrow. Or next week. Either way.

Long story cut off at the middle. I drove up to Winchester yesterday to visit my grandmother. I’m in Roanoke for work this week and that’s only a couple of hours away and I had the day off yesterday… It seemed like the right thing to do. And it turned out to be. The right thing to do.

And then life happened. Or… well… yeah… things. I had a chance to say goodbye…

But that’s what the next post is for.

But hey! 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. If you didn’t know I was a nerd before, you know now. Am I right??