I’ll post more notebook stuff tomorrow, there wasn’t much writing happening this weekend. I don’t mind posting a lot of this stuff that is obviously a glimpse into my personal life. However, for things like other people’s weddings or engagement parties (congrats Liz & Justin btw) I feel like it’s not necessarily my nonsense to share. So I write less down. And have less to post.

Sunday, Oct 10

We’ll catch up tomorrow.

The party was excellent. It was in the middle of nowhere Virginia. So middle of nowhere that it’s apparently difficult to tell exactly what town Justin’s mom’s house is located in. We ate a lot of food, hung out around a bonfire, and camped out in the backyard. Liz did well with picking out good beer for the drinking.

It’s not a party in Virginia until something’s been set on fire. I’ve heard that rule may apply to rest of the South as well. There was a collective “Oh Shit” moment when one of the firework things exploding on the ground. Oops.

Saturday, Oct 9

All in all a good night.

Today I’ve been taking it easy. Making plans for traveling to Williamsburg (VA not Brooklyn, to be clear) tomorrow. Grocery shopping. Exciting stuff.

I have also managed to do that picture uploading thing. I was a little behind there. Visit my photo set on Flickr. The captions on the photos almost all come from the notebook. I’ve now posted Providence to D.C.

All caught up. Until tomorrow. When I take more pictures.

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