There was this whole thing in college where we drank a lot. I’m here in DC visiting some college friends. We drank a lot.

Before that though I did stuff yesterday! James and I went for breakfast and a tofu scramble happened that I know Jaclyn would have loved. Then I went to the zoo and it was awesome. I really enjoyed the Asia trail. So many cute and fuzzy things.

And now I’m off to my friends Liz & Justin’s engagement party. There will be camping. Yay!

I also thought about inventing a “Tahini Incident” so I could get away with not posting the last page from last night. But other than being evidence of lots of beer, it’s kind of funny. I guess.

Eating last night didn’t work out too well. I know it’s just the place we tried to eat at, but DC managed to be second only to South Dakota in veggie food failures. Go figure.

I may have dropped falafal on my pants though…