I really wasn’t going to go back to NYC. Really. Not the plan. But hey, if I stuck to the plan then… I guess that would mean I actually had a real plan.

Actually the last couple of days in Brooklyn were great. It all happened when I found someone needing a ride down from Providence Tuesday so I just went with it. Serena is awesome people. Hope she has an excellent trip to the wild west and her own great adventures. Rideshare coming through FTW.

I’m really, really tired right now. It was definitely some legitimate NYC hanging out that just happened. You know, the kind of thing where you’re out watching a band and they finish and it’s only 11 pm so you go with the kids to another bar for a drink. Then next thing you know it’s sometime past 4 am, you’re not really sure how you got home but there was a cab involved, and you’re still awake so someone might as well put on Taxi Driver. And while that’s happening, why not have one more drink at the house with everyone?

Oh wait, now it’s 3:45 PM the next afternoon and you were supposed to be on the road to DC 45 minutes ago. Oops…

In case you were wondering, leaving New York at 6 PM is a terrible idea unless you enjoy sitting in traffic for an hour. Just to get out of Brooklyn.

Oh, the coffee shop is playing Feist. I still kind of like this album.

Hey, so when did the rest areas in Delaware get so shiny? It’s still a ridiculous waste of money to buy Burger King there but the bathrooms are really nice. I appreciate a good, clean bathroom.

I’m DC now until… I don’t know? No really, I actually don’t know. Shocking! I will find out on Monday though. I’ve got a job! A real one! As in, in my industry and as my real position. Assistant Production Coordinator. Go figure. It’s short term, I’m really an additional APC they brought on to help with some location stuff happening. I’m meeting with the coordinator and assistant coordinator on Monday in Williamsburg to go over the plan and the details. I’ll know then more when I have to be where.

I’m excited.

I’m also excited to go down to Williamsburg and visit my college. Good old W&M. I’m really curious to check out their new video production facilities. They’ve expanded a lot since my days spent in the basement of the English building, tucked away in a room that I guess you could effectively describe as a large closet. So many hours spent there. I have a lot of good memories of that room but I can see where there was possibly things to be improved upon. Last time I visited they had a whole new impressive set up in the Library which I believe they have since added even more too. Video Production at William & Mary has certainly grown up.

Until then I’m just hanging out in DC. Updating this thing and drinking mint tea. And stealing Chris’s veggies.

I write really weird things at 2 AM.