Everything just keeps changing so fast! I won’t even bother trying to explain all the changes. But I do have a plan now. Sort of. For today at least.

I’m driving to Brooklyn tonight. And DC tomorrow.

And that’s the plan?

I picked up a random day of craigslist work today so that nixed the original plan where I left Providence this morning. But I also found someone to ride with me to New York tonight. So hence the back to Brooklyn. I just don’t feel like starting an 8 hour drive at 8 pm when I can just as easily crash there tonight and finish the DC driving tomorrow. Maybe I can even find someone to drive the rest of the way with me.

Work this morning was odd! I was just doing some data entry into an Excel spreadsheet which was super easy. Honestly when I looked at the pile of papers to go through I knew there was no way it was going to take me as long as they told me it would. But whichever. I got me some cash monies. Yeah paying for gas!

It was for this limo company which I found hilarious. After so much time spent coordinating town cars for talent on that model show I once worked on it was a kick to sit and listen to the dispatch side of it all. “We have a VIP arriving at 2:50. Who has an SUV?” “Gary, the client is waiting by gate 2.” “What is he doing? How long has he worked here? Shouldn’t he know this by now?” “Okay Gary, I need you to meet Eric and switch your SUV with his van so he can give the SUV to Mike.”

And all said with wonderful Rhode Island accents.

I am in love with all of the different accents I’m hearing on this trip. I wish I had more of a talent for these things so I could share them.

Hey, anyone know why my spell check is telling me Rhode is spelled wrong? That is how you spell Rhode Island, isn’t it? Am I having a stupid moment?

Yesterday was kind of boring. I just stressed out a whole lot and then got a job. And I guess stuff like laundry happened. Yay clean clothes!