I apparently needed a couple of days at a slow pace. Been taking it easy, catching up on email, wandering Prospect Park, taking pictures, avoiding the rain. I have a feeling the next couple of days may get a little more hectic, again with the trying to see everyone in the world. But I like seeing everyone!

I think my plan now may possibly involve visiting Brown and then venturing up into Vermont. I’ve never been to Vermont. And this like it would be a really nice time to visit. So I will! Still trying to figure out work as well, either back here in NYC or down in DC or anywhere else really. Ideas welcome, as always.

I also think I’m going to continue to sublet my place in LA. Possibly through the end of the year. It’s a scary thought. Scary but awesome.

It’s not really an adventure if you know where it’s going to go, right?

Hey, anyone want to buy me a tank of gas? That would be rad.

Other high points of today: the random overheard conversations in Park Slope, the nice lady asking me about my photography, the nice guy I was bothering about his… He was taking pictures of the theater I failed to get a good picture of and I figured it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to have a chat. He was using this old Nikon film camera (love it) with this neat swively lens. He told me that it would distort the image so part would be in focus and the rest would do a cool burring away effect. I’m not sure I can picture it in my head but it sounds cool.

Then of course there was random reminiscing about high school. And the part where we tried to figure out the name of the tall football player we both thought was cute. The only person we could find on facebook who we thought might have been him looked like a total DB now. I love living the post high school cliche…