It really is! Every time I come to New York I feel like my life is a constant non-stop blur. And then when you leave your partner in crime behind and drive to Philly by yourself… well, not much writing happens after that. Kind of hard to do when driving and all.

New York was fun! Managed to see a ton of people. Dragged luggage through the subway. Learned that Katie and Pete are a strange combination. Took a bunch of fun pictures. NYC is still expensive although I think it all looked like more after beer happened… Yeah. The usual.

Am in Philly now for Rachel & Steve’s wedding. Will be here through Sunday and then I plan on heading back to the city for a few days. Unless things change. Which happens sometimes. Still trying to wrangle work. And a driving partner for the return trip. And free lunch? Is there such a thing? I was once told that doesn’t exist.

I don’t expect to really be writing/posting during the wedding stuff the next two days. But I shall try to return on Sunday!

Pictures shall be posted to Flickr soon too. Promise.