Drove out to St. Louis yesterday to stay with my little brother. Day was mostly lots of driving but last night I managed to rally for some hang out time with Jer. Learned many things, most shocking of which was that he had never tried Indian food before last night. Not really sure how that one happened. Also met up with my friend from LA who was randomly in St. Louis this weekend for their comic convention. We never manage to hang out in Los Angeles but we can pull it off half way across the country. Go figure. Was a great night all around, good food, fun hang outs, getting to meet Jeremy’s law school friends. Going to sleep way too late. The usual.

Had a bit more time to hang out today before it was off to Indianapolis. Made it to Indy in good time. Went out for dinner at a Scottish place that had veggie haggis and men in Kilts. Took some pictures. Now time to crash.

Tomorrow we’re going to an Irish festival before we head to Pittsburgh. Yes.